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Owner’s Registry

Shelby VIN Owner Hood Tach Cup Wheels RR Emblem Locker Package Tray Other Features
6S005 Alan Nelson              
6S009 Russ Furstnow              
6S010 Forrest Straight              
6S013 Brad Griffith  F  B  C  Yes  Yes  Yes  ’66 Wood Steering Wheel, Ray Brown Seat Belts
6S014 Earl Morris           Yes  
6S019 Craig Kuromi              
6S030 Ken Chrismon SF B     No Yes Chrome Ray Brown Seat belts
6S033 Brant Halterman           Yes  
6S038 Andy Pecota              
6S049 Paul Fix SF B   No      
6S052 Jacob Andersson              
6S060 Mike Yarbrough              
6S076 Hugh Welsford SF C C Yes No No ’66 Wood Steering Wheel, Cragars w/ Black Spokes
6S081 Jay Peterson S B 10 No Yes Yes ’66 Wood Steering Wheel, Blue tinted rear side windows
6S086 Michael Oldridge SF C C No Yes No ’66 Wood Steering Wheel
6S087 Steve Sloan SF B C Yes Yes No  
6S090 Jim Boyd SF B S No No No  
6S097 Nick Giampetro              
6S098 Chuck Olenyk SF C C No No No Chrome Ray Brown Seat Belts
6S099 Mike Degles/Sue Matz SF   C   Yes    
6S100 Seiji Kishi         Yes   Konis, Factory Radio Delete, ’66 Wood Steering Wheel
6S102 Kenneth Keeling  SF  C  C  Yes  No  No Factory Radio Delete, ’66 Steering Wheel
6S113 Rick Wood SF   C     Yes  
6S117 Mike Hansen  SF  B  C  No  No  No  Factory Radio Delete, No Le Mans Stripes
6S120 Tom Williamson              
6S129 Peter Papademetriou  SF  B  C  Yes  No  No  Front chin spoiler & rear trunk spoiler
6S135 Mark Anderson              
6S137 Lyle Cigler F B C        
6S148 George Watters              
6S152 Louis Santaniello              
6S155     C C     Yes In England
6S161 Jay Ellis SF   C     Yes  
6S166 Forrest Straight              
6S168 Jeff Canon              
6S174 Christopher Bollinger              
6S186 Duane “Hoppy” Hopkins              
6S188 Doug Cresanta              
6S191 Richard Kanehiro SF   C     No Factory Radio Delete
6S197 Mark Cowan SF B C Yes No Yes Car currently in Australia
6S202 Bill Nelson              
6S203 Graham Straub F B     Yes Yes  Torq Thrust Wheels, No Radio
6S206 Matt Garrett              
6S207 Bill Centlivre              
6S209 Ian Roberts SF C C     Yes Factory Radio Delete,Chrome Ray Brown Seat Belts, ’66 Wood Steering Wheel
6S221 David Rossiter  SF  B  C  YES  NO  YES  Webers 4x48IDA, side exhaust, no radio
6S240 Chris Lowden SF C         Paxton Supercharger, Rear Emblem added by Prev owner
6S248 Gary Thomas SF B C     No  
6S251 Don Whitehead SF   C       ’65 Gauge cluster, ’65 package tray, and ’65 wood steering wheel

Decoder Ring for Features


SF Steel Frame/ Fiberglass Hood
F All Fiberglass
S All Steel

Tach Cup

B Black Finish
C Chrome Finish


C Cragers
S Steel
10 10 Spoke