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Mustang High Performance Choke Cable Rubber Cover

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19th August

Rubber Cover for Manual Choke Cable Assembly.

We now have the rubber covering for the Mustang and Shelby manual choke cable assembly.  It comes as a 52 inch section, which should be more than enough to do any 65-66 HiPo Mustang choke cable or even a 69-70 Boss 302.  Our part number is IN-7481.  The new covering allows you to use your original choke cable if it is good and only needs the rubber covering replaced.  If you need the entire 65-66 Mustang / GT350 Shelby manual choke cable assembly, we still have a great USA made reproduction with the correct knob, bracket, cable and covering.  Our part number on this is IN-70.


Mustang High Performance Choke Cable Assembly.


1966 Shelby American Inc Step Plate Labels

23rd November

The 1965 GT350 Mustangs just had the standard step plate label with  the  black Ford oval, just like all of the Mustangs.

Being with the 1966 GT350’s, a special sill plate label was added to the   step plate for some additional branding.

These are available in aluminum and embossed just like the originals

Click here to order the Shelby American Step Plate Labels.

Click here to read more about the Shelby American Step Plate Labels.


Instrument Bezel for Carryover GT350

23rd November

1965 GT with Standard Interior Mustang Instrument Bezel. This is the instrument bezel that was installed on all 1966 GT350 Carryover cars.

The Carryover GT350 Shelbys were ordered with the gauge package that was used on the ’65 GT equipped Mustangs and the Mustangs equipped with Deluxe “Pony” interior.
This package included a wiring harness that accommodated  the five gauge instrument panel rather than the Falcon style long speedometer found in the rest of the ’65 Mustangs.

Detail on the 1965 GT with Standard Interior Mustang Instrument Bezel



The Instrument Bezel was a bit unique in that it was only used on this model.  It is similar to the one used in all 1966 Mustangs, but with a few different details.
These instrument bezels are available in a very nice reproduction from Virginia Classic Mustang Inc.  Click here to order. …