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Mustang and Shelby HiPo Clutch Equalizer Bar

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5th October

Clutch equalizer bar for 289 High Performance Mustang and Shelby.

A very common part needing replacement on 1965 and 1966 Mustangs and GT350’s with the 289 High Performance engines is the clutch equalizer bar.  Sometimes this part is referred to as the “z bar”.  At any rate, originals are often bent, twisted, reinforced, repaired, and modified over the years.  It is even interesting to note in the Shelby American Automobile Club’s Registry that there are many notes of these bars having been replaced on ’65 and ’66 GT350 Shelbys when they had just a few thousand miles.

Obviously, it is nearly impossible to find a good original.  Even if you do find one that looks good, there is a very good chance that it is twisted.

We carry a reproduction from Scott Drake Mustang Parts that is absolutely super.  Here, we have a few …

Mustang High Performance Choke Cable Rubber Cover

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19th August

Rubber Cover for Manual Choke Cable Assembly.

We now have the rubber covering for the Mustang and Shelby manual choke cable assembly.  It comes as a 52 inch section, which should be more than enough to do any 65-66 HiPo Mustang choke cable or even a 69-70 Boss 302.  Our part number is IN-7481.  The new covering allows you to use your original choke cable if it is good and only needs the rubber covering replaced.  If you need the entire 65-66 Mustang / GT350 Shelby manual choke cable assembly, we still have a great USA made reproduction with the correct knob, bracket, cable and covering.  Our part number on this is IN-70.


Mustang High Performance Choke Cable Assembly.


65-66 GT350 Mustang Oil Cap to Air Cleaner Base Hose

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19th August

Hose Kit with Clamps for 65-66 GT350 Mustang Shelby.  This hose fits from the oil cap to the air cleaner base.

A lot of Shelby owners have asked us about the hose that goes from the oil cap to the air cleaner base on a 1965 and 1966 GT350 Mustang Shelby.  We finally got around to sourcing this.  The hose is ribbed like the original.  It has no markings like the originals that we have seen.

We measured several originals and came up with a common length of right under nine inches, so that is what is in the kit.  The proper “squeeze type” clamps are also included.

This hose would have also been originally used on any 289 HiPo Mustang that was originally delivered to a California DSO.  This was basically the smog or emissions equipment back in 1965 for the High …

65 Mustang and GT350 Fuel Pump Filter Canister

23rd November

This Fuel Pump Filter Canister is not unique to the Carryover 1966 Shelbys, but it is a very nice part and detail to add during a restoration.

This canister was originally installed on all ’65 Mustangs with the canister style fuel pump.  This included the Carryover GT350’s.

This canister features the correct double ribbing, white paint and red silkscreen.  The silkscreen has the the wording, font and FoMoCo logo to match the original.

You can order this Fuel Pump Filter Canister by clicking here.

You can read more about the Fuel Canister by clicking on this Blog Post.