Carryovers For Sale


This site does not vouch for nor recommend any of the cars listed below. We have not researched these cars and don’t even know if they are legitimate Shelbys. We are simply providing these links for the convenience of visitors who may wish to buy a carryover or simply see what’s available. If you consider purchasing one of these cars, do your own due diligence research. We recommend you hire a true Shelby expert to check out the car for you if you become serious about purchasing one of these offerings.

The cars listed on this page are still for sale to the best of our knowledge. But things happen quickly on the Internet, and some of these cars may have already sold or simply be off the market at this time.


Be aware that many classic Shelbys change hands privately; with no actual advertising involved. To get in on deals like that you need to become active in the Shelby community. A good start would be to join SAAC and get active in Shelby events on both a local and national level. Your chance to get in on a private sale will increase as your name and enthusiasm become know to the community.

There are also dealers who specialize in classic Shelby American vehicles. We will not list them here, but they are not hard to find. A dealer can be a great place to find the car you want. But, again, do your due diligence. Research a dealer the same way you would research a car. Be sure who you are doing business with.

Links to Carryovers for sale:


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